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WILDCAT – Trademarked: UK; EU; USA; China & Australia

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WILDCAT & DINOHISTORIA  - Fun, entertaining games appealing to both boys and girls, enabling adults & young to play together adding to ones enjoyment.

The Facts on cards of the games, either with real life pictures or licensed illustrations are enjoyed by Children and Adults.


Fast, exciting, fun with these entertaining games for Children & Adults
PLUS learn facts about Dinosaurs, Animals past and Wildcats when not playing these games

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  • Quick to learn & easy to play
  • Fast fun for everyone
  • Rules for these games in pack

Image of WILCAT boxWildcat & Dinohistoria BoxImage of DINOHISTORIA box

ADDITIONAL Games & Rules
King of the Jungle Wildcat Pairs Snap Mammoth Dinohistoria Pairs Snap
The Big cat game Wildcat Threats Roar of the Dinosaurs

Age 7+ Wildcat has 3 levels of play for those who like a challenge
in which, STATEGY PLAYS its part, particularly in the hardest level, which older children and adults enjoy.
Age 7+ Dinohistoria: Dinosaurs appeal to each generation and there are many familiar ones in this game and Animals past from 4.6 billion to 10,000 years ago.
Age 5+ PLAY — ‘PAIRS’ & ‘SNAP’.
YOUNGER CHILDREN – Advised taken to PLAYSCHOOLS as children enjoy the pictures, learn to count, plus Colour and Number Recognition.

WILDCAT MEMORY Game Helps to train your brain, whilst learning facts about Wild cats.TV game shows:

TV game shows: –
1) On TVs popularPOINTLESS’ couple in semi-final would have won point if recognised the ‘Fishing Cat’!
2) On ‘In it to win it’ if a contestant had known, which Wildcat is the heaviest; Jaguar, Lion or Tiger he would have won £22,500!

What sort of creature was an Ichthyosaur; Bird, Crustacean or marine reptile?
The answers to these and many other questions can be found in these packs.
Many of these fascinating Dinosaurs and Wild Animals are recognisable.

Play these fun family games with friends, on ones travels and at parties.